About Me

I am passionate about photography. Not just the finished photograph, but also the process of capturing, processing, and then creating the final print. I want the viewer to be moved or intrigued by what they see, regardless of whether their reaction is exactly the same as what motivated me to press the shutter release. Through my photographs I am showing what I saw, but more importantly, what I felt.

The writer uses words; the musician uses musical notes. My goal is to present images that stimulate more than our visual sense, but to also evoke emotion and imagination. While I use the most modern photographic equipment and software, my style and approach to photography are traditional, driven by my photographic vision.

My greatest influences have been those with whom I have studied, including well-known British landscape photographer Charlie Waite, former National Geographic legend Bruce Dale, digital expert Thom Hogan, fine art image processing and printing experts Eliot Cohen, Charlie Cramer, John Paul Caponigro, Julia Anna Gospodarou and darkroom master John Sexton.

My photographs are in numerous personal and corporate collections, as well as in the private collection of the Embassy of Chile, in Washington, D.C. My work can be seen at Multiple Exposures Gallery, located in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia, 703-683-2205, and by appointment at my studio/gallery in Bethesda, Maryland, 301-365-5177.

Alan Sislen