One of the things I enjoy most about photography is sharing my enthusiasm for the image creation process from visualizing the final photograph to capture, processing, and importantly, through to the final print. The photographer must balance the "art" and the "craft" of photography by continuously reading, studying and applying what has been learned with the help of mentors and instructors.

Photography education never ends. We must challenge ourselves to expand our horizons, and must continually hone our “craft,” our skills and vision.

I regularly teach workshops and classes, speak at photography groups, and do one-on-one instruction for aspiring photographers. The topics include, Photoshop for Photographers, Lightroom, Matting and Framing, Self-Critiquing, Developing a Personal Style and a Vision, Choosing the Right Equipment, Best Practices in the Field, Making Fine Art Prints, Digital Infrared Photography, and Shooting and Processing Panoramas.

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